News from the green patrol project

GreenPatrol in the News


The GreenPatrol Project is mentioned by the GSA at the Agriculture and Space Day held at the Belgian Natural Science Museum in Brussels. This results in an article in the prestigious INSIDE GNSS MAGAZINE.

At the event, GSA Director Carlo des Dorides said: “The uptake of precision agriculture in Europe and worldwide continues to grow and the return on investment in terms of increased productivity, cost-effectiveness and sustainability clearly makes the business case for the development of more applications, which rely on the precise positioning provided by GNSS.”

Des Dorides highlighted some of the other projects under way: the Mistrale project that uses drones for soil water mapping, allowing farmers to optimize irrigation, saving costs and increasing yields; and GreenPatrol, that will result in early detection of pests and reduce productions losses and chemical use. These projects are run under the EU R&D program, Horizon2020.

COPA-COGECA Secretary General Pekka Pesonen said that the farming community believes that an organized food and agriculture data infrastructure will lead to improved food safety, reduced environmental impacts and better health for people and livestock, while improving the overall living conditions of farmers and their families.

“European GNSS, combined with the open data policy of Copernicus, are inspiring innovators to create new value-added services that help farmers to optimize their efficiency, improve crop yield and reduce the environmental impact of their operations,” Des Dorides said.