News from the green patrol project

Oz autonomous electric robot


Robot Oz is the new employee of grower Leo Steenpoort from Oosterland. The robot helps Leo with work in the greenhouse. Weeding and in the future also sowing. Work that people prefer not to do. "We are falling short on labor in the agricultural sector, this robot can be the solution to this problem, and Oz weighs a lot less than the average tractor, making it less damaging to the soil."

The farmer bought Oz in France. It was an investment, but it turns back. "He does not smoke, does not take a coffee break, is never ill and can work at night, he only has to be charged once in a while, and in that respect it's just a real employee."

The robot has a side wise looking Laser to detect the distance to the crop and calculate his route and two cameras to detect the green parts of the crop.

watch the video here.