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GreenPatrol presented at EU SpaceWeek


In the week 3-6 December 2018 the EUSpaceWeek was held in Marseille (FR). This conference assembled both the GALILEO and COPERNICUS ecosystems and discussed the European space policy. At the Sustainable Land Management session, our project leader Maria Campo-Cossio from CTC presented the Greenpatrol project. She presented the added value of Galileo for improved indoor positioning as is exploited in this project. With several videos, Maria showed the progress that was made, in particular the navigation solution where GNSS is integrated with sensors. Maria stressed the importance of automation and autonomy in machinery to help farmers – in this case growers of tomatoes and peppers – to produce in a more sustainable way. With the help of Galileo, the Greenpatrol Robot will detect pests and diseases in an early stage and treat affected plants, in order to significantly reduce the use of crop protection agents.

On the question from the audience about adoption barriers, Maria indicated that the farmers’ business case is an important driver. Furthermore it takes time for growers to trust that this technology will deliver the same or improved reliability and effectiveness.

In the networking area, where all EU programmes and initiatives were presented, the GreenPatrol video was shown the whole conference.

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The GreenPatrol video is shown at the European Space Week. 

GreenPatrole will also give a presentation this week 

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