Centro Tecnológico de Componentes





The Navigation and Robotics unit of CTC focuses its research activity on two complementary fields: the design and development of control systems for critical applications, involving integration of control devices, sensors and actuators, and the design and development of low cost navigation systems.  Regarding the field of robotics, the most significant products are inertial stabilized platforms for a wide variety of purposes such as satellite communications on the move or optical electronic payloads. In this area, CTC focuses its activity on the design and development of control systems, including GNSS+INS data fusion and actuators control. The unit has developed different solutions for different kind of vehicles and environments: In the navigation area, the unit has extensive experience dealing with MEMS-based inertial sensors and GNSS data fusion. Besides that, the unit has carried out several projects dealing with GNSS positioning determination systems.Centro Tecnológico de Componentes (CTC) is a non-profit foundation, created in the year 2000 to serve the society and the industrial network. Its main objective is to bring value to companies through research and development projects, meanwhile contributing to the enhancement of their competitiveness and sustainability and becoming their technology partner by being the meeting point between their needs and research activities.

The Centre has developed solutions for different sectors and applications, including navigation systems for unmanned vehicles ( i.e. LOGAM and HELIODRON projects), marine buoys for wave and marine parameters measurement based on GNSS data (i.e. ANTEIA, SENMARE, ANTEMARE projects) and precise positioning determination systems (i.e. SINTONIA, GAGPS projects).