Greenpatrol produced a video explaining the project. The video tells something about greenhouse farming. How GNSS is used for the scouting robot to navigate inside a greenhouse and the importance of the European Galileo system. To produce more sustainable food.




GreenPatrol has a video made to demonstrate the user interface of the system. The dashboard for the overview number of healthy scans but also the infections found. The way farmer information and greenhouses is organised. The way the scouting plan is made. And of course all the logs.


After the last review meeting in Amersfoort GreenPatrol moves forward to the next phase in the project. The testing of the total robot. A lot of test are done in the Laboratories in Spain and the UK. On the moment we want to move to the real environment for the robot, the Greenhous, the COVID-19 epidemic starts and the lock down in Spain stopped us from a trip to the greenhouse.

But from homes al over Europe the team works committed to further improving the robot. This is also done including computer simulations.

This video shows GreenPatrol validation in laboratory mock-up and simulation environment. GreenPatrol robot is ready for real operating conditions validation in greenhouse!.

click her to watch a version subtitled in Spanish



At the VII European Researchers Night Centro Tecnológico CTC was presenting the new Greenpatrol robot. We call it the GreenPatrol Mini. The demonstration given with the new robot made the CTC stand one of the most visited at this event. Watch the movie for a reportage of the demonstration.




GreenPatrol has made a third video about the latest test done on the roof of the Tekniker building. Goal of this test was to evaluate the localization and navigation algorithms. A greenhouse mock-up was made on the roof in a closed environment.  




GreenPatrol has made a second video to show the project status. A second large test in an operational greenhouse is conducted after that additional sensor are mounted on the robot platform.




The GreenPatrol project will result in a prototype of a scouting robot. It will also result in a number of reports and other publications. All this publications will be made available trough this page.

The following reports are published:


GreenPatrol has made a poster explaining the project. It tells something about the different aspects of the project.klick on the image to download the pdf version.


Also the promotion materials made for this project can be found on this page.