D2.2 Version 2.0 Sensors configuration and specification

This report describes the analysis of the technology gaps of the GreenPatrol system. This study covers 1) IPM strategies, 2) pest identification and 3) robot localization and autonomous navigation. The work carried out in WP2 has the main objective of assessing the starting point of the Project in terms of technologies performances to define the GreenPatrol best sensor configuration as well as the gaps to be covered by the implementation of innovative techniques/algorithms.

A measurement campaign was carried out to assess the performances of sensors in real operating conditions. The data collections obtained during these measurement campaigns are described in the report “D2.3 Sensor Measurements in the operating environment”

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D2.3 Version 2.0 Sensor Measurements in the operating environment

GreenPatrol Deliverable 2.3 consists on a set of measurements gathered with the navigation and perception sensors. This document serves as a reference guide that describes the format and location of these measurements.

Data has been collected during different experiments and measurement campaigns that were carried out to assess the performances of the navigation and inspection sensors in real operating conditions.

The set of measurements are split into two collections: On the one hand, a collection of data gathered from the sensors used for mobile platform navigation. On the other hand, a set of images taken from the cameras used for monitoring plants and pests.

The navigation assessment tests were performed on February 2018 in a group of greenhouses located in Lezama, Bizkaia (Spain).

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Both data collections are publicly available under request via the following email address:





D5.2 Version 1.0 Communication Plan

The dissemination and exploitation activities play an important role in GreenPatrol, as we aim for commercialising the robot. 

The Communication Plan describes how results and knowledge will be exchanged with other projects, the scientific community and with business investors, clients and partners. It includes an overview of all events, workshops, conferences and exhibitions that seem interesting for attendance. This document also includes a description of the organization of the web page and social networks.

This document contains the current communication plan. It is a live document that will be updated as new dissemination events of relevance for the project are considered.


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