GreenPatrol prototype is ready: we want your feedback!!

The GreenPatrol prototype is ready and we want your feedback, especially when you own a greenhouse, work in a greenhouse or are an expert in the field. We appreciate your feedback very much because then we can improve the robot even more. Thanks in advance!


If you want more base information about the project and the robot first, please read the following text:

GreenPatrol is a robotic solution for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in crops, which has the ability to navigate inside greenhouses while performing pest detection and treatment in an autonomous way. The robot has the ability to automatically generate and follow routes in the greenhouse, avoiding any obstacles placed in its way.

The GreenPatrol navigation capability is enabled by GNSS and the implementation of sensor fusion techniques. The use of wideband Galileo signals (E5-AltBOC) and Precise Point Positioning techniques, plus integration with inertial measurement Unit (IMU) and odometer data, minimizes the effects in this challenging environment of multipath and signal loss introduced by the greenhouse structure and narrow corridors between the plants. With this solution, a horizontal position accuracy better than 30cm is maintained within the environment.

Pest detection is based on a Deep Learning vision system. This system is able to detect and classify the most common and harmful pests in high value crops. For pest detection and classification, an accuracy of 91% and 89% was achieved, respectively.

Early pest detection is of paramount importance in greenhouse management. GreenPatrol’s IPM strategy allows a sustainable business model, increasing productivity, reducing losses caused by pests and reducing the use of pesticides.


Things to know before filling in the questionnaire:


  • Filling in the questionnaire takes about 10-15 minutes
  • The first 7 questions concern items with personal and/or private information
  • The question greenhouse extension means greenhouse size
  • Please watch the two videos of the GreenPatrol prototype first
  • Both these videos have no voice over


If you want even more information please watch:

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Thanks again very much for your help!


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